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Movie Review – Thappad (Bas Itni si Baat)


Thappad – Bas itni si baat? directed by Anubhav Sinha and produced by him and Bhushan Kumar, Starring Tapsee, Ratnpathak shah, and others.

The movie is a wake-up call for all women who are silently suffering domestic violence.

As the tag line suggests, people may ask just for one slap? Let me tell you a slap just not causes physical mark and pain, but it scars emotionally too and the pain echoes deep than one can understand.

I know no marriage or relation is perfect, when two different people, born and bought up in different families with different likes and dislikes try to come in marriage and live under a single roof, disputes and fights will arise, but nothing justifies physical abuse.

Coming to the movie:

Amritha (played by Tapsee) was not being childish or egoistic and didn’t break the relation in a twitch, she tried to reason with what happened (she got slapped without her fault) and tried to get back into her life.

The slap is not what broke her, but her chauvinist husband did, he should have apologized for what had happened and should have understood what she has gone through, but to my shock, he starts to whine about his frustrations and office problems, and behaves he did nothing wrong.

This made her realize that she has no respect or value that she wanted to have in her life. Her decision of stepping out of her marriage also made other women introspect their life.

Many may say she should have thought of her unborn child before taking the step. But I think she did right, instead of raising a daughter in a toxic relationship, she will be teaching her daughter no matter what one should not compromise their value and respect.

But this actually is reflecting the real incidents that happen when you can’t say anything to people higher or powerful than you, and you show it on people who you feel are inferior to you and in this case wife, who is taken for granted.

I don’t understand when people idolize the quote “live life as you please”, doesn’t this apply to women and mainly “married women”, why women are expected to clip their wings and put family above their happiness and beliefs.

This movie made me to think these points:

  • If a woman slaps her husband in a party/ public, will this marriage honoring society will still go and tell him to live with his wife and save the marriage?
  • Will society ever let a couple live in peace if the wife goes for work and the husband takes care of the house?
  • Why always women are expected to live suppressed under her husband
  • Will getting married gives the guy permission to hit and abuse his wife? (the scene where the maid’s husband says “Do I need a license to hit you”).
  • Why getting out of marriage for a woman is hard and messy, and the judgment of society is always hard on a woman than a divorced man?
  • (Ratna Ji’s words of “why you left your (husband’s) house and came here” made me think: Why do people keep telling girls that her parent’s house never hers? and she belongs to her husband and his house is hers. This creates insecurity in girls and lets them bear all the trauma in fear of being homeless.
  • Do they ever teach boys to respect women? Instead of telling women to be tolerant.

My verdict:

9/10: Thappad is an absolute winner, showing the real struggle of every married woman, and its a must-watch.

Hey do watch it with family and spouse.

But a slap/ thappad or any physical abuse can never be justified either it is by a woman or a man.

Please do comment your views.

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